QE023-QE024 IOT Smart Home Education Kit (Easy-Plug) -Year 1

1.Education Series Introduction

The STEM Education series has 3 themes, 6 academic years of advanced teaching system, designed to give students continuity and direction of learning.

The product is combined with the wood board, 3-5 big works per semester, and the works can be presented in the map scene.


2.Smart Home Education Kit Introduction

Smart Home Education Kit is the first topic in the Education Solutions Series.

It has 2 academic years and 4 semesters of teaching package.

It is a STEM education kit designed for students aged 8 years and above. And participate in the construction of comprehensive practice project.

It is an all-in-one kit, each kit can make 10+ small projects, and has 3~5 comprehensive display projects.


Each kit only has one controller board, so only one of these projects exists at a time.


3.The Value of Kit

1.Structural Construction

2.Programming Learning

3.Interdisciplinary Knowledge

4.Bluetooth/WiFi Control

5.APP Development

6.Smart Home Theme

7.Suitable for Classroom/School Teaching

4.Product Features


5.Controller Board Introduction


6.Multi-Platform Support


7.Course Description


8.Part List


10.Get One Now

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