QD001 Smart Car Starter Kit for ESP32

1.Product Introduction

Smart car is a multi-purpose car learning kit designed for beginners. You can realize Mecanum wheel drive, line tracking, obstacle avoidance, and a variety of remote control methods by programming the esp32 controller board.

We’ve included 16 detailed, story-based tutorials so you can learn better.It will be your best choice for learning how to control a smart car.


2.The Value of Starter Kit

1.4WD Mecanum Wheel

2.Multiple Route Line Tracking

3.Avoid Obstacles In Multiple Directions

4.IR &WIFI & App Control

5.ESP32 programming learning

6.Rich expansion

3.The Mode of Starter Kit


4.Product Features


5.Extension Packages



① All packages must be used with the base QD001

②QD002, QD003 is the knowledge advanced expansion package, with the advanced nature of knowledge, QD004,QD005,QD006 for the fun expansion package


Packages can also be paired with each other.

6.Controller Board Introduction


7.Multi-Platform Support


8.Course Description


9.Part List


11.Get One Now

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