Download CH340 Driver on MAC System

Download CH340 driver


1.Download drivers

Download the driver from the website and unpack it into your local installation directory.


2.Prepare to install the driver

①The instructions for installing the pkg format driver by default can be found in the document titled “Installing the pkg Format Driver.”

②If Rosetta is not supported in OS X 11.0 or later, see “4. Install the dmg driver.”

③Before installation, go to “System Preferences” -> “Security and Privacy” -> “General” page. Under the section titled “Allow apps downloaded from,” choose the option for “Mac App Store and identified developers” to ensure proper functionality of the driver.


3.Install the pkg format driver

①Install pkg format driver, click driver file -> Continue -> Install.


②Then install successfully.


③Install the pkg format driver on OS X 11.0 and later: open “LaunchPad” -> “CH34xVCPDriver” -> Install.


④When using OS X 10.9 through OS X 10.15, click Restart to restart your computer, and perform the following steps after restarting.


4.Install the dmg format driver

①Install the dmg driver, click the dmg file and drag “CH34xVCPDriver” into the application folder of the operating system.


②Then open “LaunchPad” -> “CH34xVCPDriver” -> Install.


③Then install successfully.


5.Check whether the CH340 serial port driver is installed

When the control board is inserted into the USB port, open the system report -> Hardware -> USB. On the right is the USB device. If the USB device is working correctly, you can find a device with a “Vendor ID” of [0x1a86].